3D Panels

The 3-D panel system offers a new building method using high strength, load bearing modular panels for entire constructions .The 3-D panel consists of a three dimensional welded wire space frame provided with an Expanded Polystyrene insulation core.
Strength and rigidity of the panels result from the diagonal truss wires welded to the wire mesh (cover mesh) layers on each side of the panel, thus ensuring the effective transfer of shear force for full composite behavior.
The 3-D panel system is characterized by its unique strength, as a result of rightly engineered dimensioning as a load bearing construction element by the correct executing of the three dimensional truss configuration, with truly straight truss wires over their full length from weld point to weld point and with maximum of weld points between trusses and the reinforcing cover mesh.
The 3-D panel has several properties that make it an excellent building material:
Structural Integrity:
Concrete and steel are the best materials for strength and resistance to the elements. Enhanced by exterior infill walls made with 3D wire panel there are no joints to crack and no weak spots that eventually become vulnerable to water intrusion.
Thermal and Sound Insulation:
Heat and cold transmission is reduced by 50% through the use of 3D wire panel.
Time and Labor Savings:
3D wire panel goes up so quickly, precisely and easily that fewer framers, masons, insulators, and drywall specialists are needed to get the job done fast and right.
Environmentally Intelligent:
3D wire panel is made from galvanized steel, so the system does not deplete forestry products.
Maintenance Savings:
Concrete structures require minimal long-term maintenance, especially in areas prone to extreme weather and temperature conditions. The 3-D panels may be used for nearly any kind of residential or industrial building.

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