Thermal Insulation

It is the process of preventing the heat to pass from a field to another, and contrary prevent the cold air from going outside from inside. “Thermal insulation designed to reduce the transmission of heat from outside the isolated building to inside within the summer and from inside to outside in winter.
The importance of thermal insulation:
• The main objective of the thermal insulation is to keep the energy through saving consumption, where scientific experiments has proved that the uses of thermal insulation in residential and government facilities, commercial and industrial buildings is reducing the electric power rates up to 50%.
• Create a comfortable and refreshing atmosphere and raising the level of comfort for users of the building throughout the year.
• Protection of furniture and electrical appliances and electronics from the high temperatures and changes ongoing.
• Maintain the building temperature appropriate for a long time without having to run air conditioning for long periods of time.
• Allows the use of air conditioners with a small capacity, thereby reducing energy costs and hardware being used.
• Reduce the use of air-conditioning, which reduces the impact on psychological health and rights because of noise from the operation of such devices.
• Thermal insulation works on the protection and safety of the building from weather changes as it reduces the temperature difference resulting from the rise in temperature because of the sun during the day and low night temperature and cause high differences in temperature between day and night to bring about stress to the walls of the building and other parts such as windows deprives the natural and mechanical properties and can lead to the cracks.
• Lead to reduce the thickness of the concrete walls and ceilings to reduce heat transfer to inside the building.
• To provide the burden on the power stations and distribution networks.

Why choose Expanded Polystyrene?
• Expanded Polystyrene is the Pioneer THERMAL materials; it is used in different sectors in industries, agriculture, medical and other applications. (EPS) is widely used for many years everywhere ,because of its ability to insulate for long time and never affected by age .The ability of (EPS) to resist the adverse effects of moisture is exemplified by its widespread use in floats, marinas and other applications, which involve full or partial submergence in water for prolonged periods of time. (EPS) is the most cost effective insulation material available. It is is practical, economic and efficiency .It can be applied to all areas of building constructions (Ceilings, Roofs, Walls, Floors and under slab) to provide superior standards of thermal insulation.

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