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Insulation factory is a leading manufacturer of molded protective packaging solutions. Providing the best packing & packaging custom made solutions to satisfy your needs. Our designer and technical expertise will guarantee you the most appropriate cost effective solution.
Packing & Packaging Products:
(I.F) EPS is the best packing & packaging option for any size, shape & high value products including industrial products, food packaging, fragile pharmaceutical products, electronic components, electrical consumer goods & toys etc,products are completely protected and safe from risk in transportation and handling.
The following properties make (I.F) Polystyrene a perfect packing & packaging material
• Shock absorption:
It is ideal for protecting sensitive products during transport and storage.
• Thermal insulation:
(EPS) has a high capacity for thermal insulation that protects products such as vaccines or other pharmaceutical items & food from sudden changes in temperature.
• Light weight:
reduces transportation coast.
• Chemical resistance & Hygienic nature:
excellent mechanical and thermal properties are unaffected by age & humidity (I.F) Polystyrene can easily be printed or colored; it has a clean appealing appearance and can be used in many different ways to attract customers.

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