HORDI is the most economical alternative to concrete blocks in rib slabs in addition to its excellent thermal insulation. Its light weight, high bearing capacity, rigidity, ease of handling, resistance to fire and accurate dimensions make it your best insulation rib slab option compared to other construction material.

• Provides excellent thermal and sound insulation .

• Minimizes structural weight and cost by reducing the need of concrete, beams, columns and reinforcement steel.

• Economical in saving building cost by saving time and labor . Rigid, light weight and easy to handle .

• Withstands high loads .
• Perfectly bonds to concrete and other building materials.

• Excellent roof solutions .

• Wide range of sizes (up to 4 meters in length) .
1 M3 of HORDI rib is needed for every 100 M2 of concrete ribs, which is equivalent to 62.5 cement block of ribs of size 400x20x20 cm .

وزن المتر المكعب
وزن البلك
ًWeight of ribs
مقاس البلك
ٍDimension of ribs
نوع البلك
Type of ribs
1250.000kg 20.000kg 40*20*20 البلك الأسمنت
Concert ribs
687.500kg 11.000kg 40*20*20 البلك الأحمر
Red ribs
16.000kg 00.265kg 40*20*20 البلك البولي ستايرين
Polystyrene ribs
The comparison shows significant structural weight reduction that provides comparing to concrete and red ribs.

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