Insulation Factory Ltd is a leading Saudi company in manufacturing and supplying of Expanded ( StyroSave ) & Extruded (StyroBuild) polystyrene.

Insulation Materials Factory Co.

A leading Saudi company in the manufacture of extruded and extruded polystyrene

Since1973, Insulation Factory Ltd has played a significant role locally on emphasizing the importance of thermal insulation for such countries where temperature gets extremely high. We are supplying the hottest area in the world with the best solution of thermal insulation and continuously meeting the high market demands of protective ideas.


Applications of polystyrene

The construction field


Interior and exterior decoration

Other applications

What is polystyrene?

Poly Styrene Stretch is a lightweight, lightweight plastic plastic material characterized by poor heat conductivity and excellent isolation. Uncompromising pressure resistance to water is recyclable. Globally rated of the best types of thermal insulation. They are found in many shapes and are used in many construction applications.

Advantages of using polystyrene

The use of thermal insulation in buildings, government, commercial and industrial buildings reduces the consumption of electricity by up to 70%.

Articles Founder

I was born in Mecca and grew up in my childhood between its neighborhoods and alleys and suffered the suffering of the residents of the temperature of the buildings internally to the point where it is difficult to live with this heat People used to spray water in corridors and corridors went in the stages of Sabaya advanced to Beirut to complete the primary and intermediate in the Choueifat However, the suffering varies as the temperature of the buildings is reduced internally which in turn makes the movement difficult and a little so as not to lose heating. The idea of ​​setting up the plant in 1397 AH in the field of thermal insulation as a first seed grown in fertile soil to obtain the elements of care thanks to the government's continuous support for all that is useful and direct guidance by the Ministry of Industry

M / Abdul Rahman Abdullah Al-Sayegh

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