Wall insulation

Early in the summer, temperature in the shadow reaches up to 40 C, while concrete walls exposed to direct sun light heats up and its temperature reaches to 48 C. This heat will gradually penetrate into the building and eventually increases the room temperature. boards of 4CM thickness have the same thermal insulation capability as […]


HORDI is the most economical alternative to concrete blocks in rib slabs in addition to its excellent thermal insulation. Its light weight, high bearing capacity, rigidity, ease of handling, resistance to fire and accurate dimensions make it your best insulation rib slab option compared to other construction material. PROPERTIES OF HORDI: • Provides excellent thermal […]


Sun is the basic source of all heat energy, building materials such as concrete bricks used for building walls and roofs absorb the sun heat during summer time retaining and transmitting it into the building which leads to the need of constant air conditioning, high power consumption and expensive electricity bill. Utilizing for roof insulation […]

Insulation & Construction

Sheets (Panels) Board Core Insulation for EIFS Boxes Neopor Pipe Insulation Blocks Thermal Block Inserts ECO FRIENDLY Green Landscaping Beads Voids Piling and Guide Wall Geo foam Parapet Moulds EPS for Pontoon and Buoy Recycled Beads