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Since 1973, Insulation Factory Ltd has played a significant role on emphasizing the importance of thermal insulation in Saudi Arabia where temperature gets extremely high.
We are supplying one of the hottest areas in the world with the best solution of thermal insulation and continuously meeting the high market demands of protective ideas.
In addition to custom made packing solutions, Insulation Factory specializes in manufacturing high quality thermal insulation’s with a wide range of products including (I.F) sheets and panels, & blue boards and many other interior and exterior construction products. Manufacturing high quality, world-class products is just part of Insulation Factory commitment.
Our dedicated Engineering and Quality Control and Quality Assurance departments are continuously working on developing customized products that meet your requirements and needs. Whether you are a home builder, a commercial contractor or a manufacturer, Insulation Factory Ltd. is committed to deliver the products you need, whenever you need them and in a competitive prices. (I.F) strives to meet all your project requirements of innovative quality products.

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